Architectural Elevations: Slideshow


Looking in from above the historic south (University Avenue) entrance we see the refurbished historical entry, the exciting new Commons study area to the left and the expanded cafe area.


The historic entry now has a door (top of screen) that opens directly into the Commons study space, allowing for after-hours access.


The historic entry provides a relaxing and restful reading/study area looking out into the busier main commons study space.


Looking out into the main Commons space from the new booth seating across from the cafe. A new glass partition screens the new restrooms from the Commons proper.


The Cowles Cafe gets an updated look and some new seating options.


The main Commons area includes a bay window looking out into the historic entry.


The updated Cafe area features booth seating (left) with collaboration computer stations and a new ceiling treatment (right) that leads to new seating and the restrooms.


Some exciting new amenities are planned for the cafe area including vending machines and cable tv.


Waiting for your cappuccino will be a pleasure.


Still waiting on that cappuccino?


Another view of the main Commons, just as you enter though the after hours door (right).

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