Lower Commons / After-Hours Study

Construction Photos

Newest photos display first.  See more (and larger) photos here.


9/10 - New exterior doors on University Avenue are needed for after hours operation.

LC-Project- 08/30 – before&after

8/30 - Before and after.

LC-Project-08/30 – cafelights

8/30 - We're still waiting on some pendant light fixtures above each of the study tables across from the cafe.

LC Project – 08/30 – 4

8/30 - News stories of the week: Hurricane Isaac & the Republican Convention


8/30 - Glassboards and collaboration stations are getting some use.


8/30 - Lots of chairs movement means a lot of use. Tables haven't moved as much as expected.


8/30 - Still in it's first week, the Historic Entry reading space is very popular.


8/15 - Drake workers scrubbing floors and moldings in the construction area.


8/15 - Drake workers preparing the construction area for occupancy. Marble stairs get a scrubbing.


8/10 - Door installation. Opening day is rapidly approaching.

LC-Project 08-08-2012

8/8 - Wall-mount and mobile glassboards serve the same function as whiteboards, but provide better writing surfaces & easier cleanup.

LC-Project – 8/3-2

8/3 - The historic entry -- previously an unused hallway -- will become a transitional study space linking the busy social Lower Commons with the scholarly atmosphere of the Reading Room.


8/3 - Pendant light fixtures installed. On the power wall, darker material is acoustic while lighter material is where the collaboration station 37" monitors will be mounted.)

LC Project- 8/2

8/2 - A "power fence" runs through the middle of the room providing power, noise control and monitor mounts for the collaboration stations.

Summer 2012
Lower Commons / After-Hours Study

Open for Business! August 27, 2012