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Library Professor presents at Charleston

Teri Koch, Professor of Librarianship at Cowles Library, participated in a panel on “The Importance of Outreach in Shared Print Projects” at the Charleston Conference on Nov. 4, 2015. This conference, held in Charleston, South Carolina, is the preeminent gathering of librarians, publishers, resource managers, and vendors that focuses on issues in book and serials acquisitions. Teri […]

Faculty member featured in video on ADA collections

Cowles Library Assistant Professor Hope Grebner is featured in a video posted on Higher Education Today.  The article and video highlight the release of materials related to the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Shenoy and Bottenberg Forthcoming Presentation at AACP

Priya Shenoy, Pharmacy/Science Librarian, and Michelle Bottenberg, Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, will be presenting at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy conference on Drug Information Competencies. They will be describing their successful program that aims “to educate the first year Pharm. D. students on learning the practical skills of searching, finding and evaluating […]

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Library Staff - June 2015

Front row: Andrew Welch, Claudia Frazer, Jordan Flynn, Liga Lacis, Pam Brennan.
Second row: Marc Davis, Kathy Lincoln, Carrie Dunham-Lagree, Bart Schmidt, Karen Jurasek.
Third row: Rod Henshaw, Hope Grebner, Priya Shenoy, Marcia Keyser.
Fourth row: Laura Krossner, Teri Koch, Dan Taylor, Kris Mogle, Bruce Gilbert, Meredith Scherb, Mark Stumme.

Faculty/Staff Directory

Library Faculty Documents

This page provides access to Cowles Library’s Faculty governance documents (most of the Faculty positions within Cowles Library are tenured, tenure-track, or other Faculty appointments).
The documents listed here serve to guide members of the library faculty in the execution of their duties and provide information about professional advancement procedures at Cowles. These documents are subject to periodic review and revision by the faculty.

Curriculum & Instruction
Tenure & Promotion

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Drake Faculty Governance Documents

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