2010 Current Initiatives

May 27th, 2010

Discovery Service (SuperSearch) – Strategic Goal 1

  • Objective: Implement an advanced web-based search tool (EbscoEDS);
  • Intended Outcome: enhance discovery of scholarly information;
  • Impacted Services: Web site, catalog, subject portals.

Program Based Organizational Model – Strategic Goal 1, 2, 3

  • Objective: Implement a revised library organizational model built around the three primary strategic programs;
  • Intended Outcome: improve strategic and operational focus and resource utilization.
  • Impacted Services: All, staffing assignments.

Program Plan –Library Teaching and Learning – Strategic Goal 2

  • Objective: Plan for a comprehensive teaching and learning program;
  • Intended Outcome: enhance long term focus, and insure integration with Drake Curriculum and Professional Programs
  • Impacted Services: FYS, credit courses, Info Commons.

Knowledge Base Projects – Strategic Goal 1

  • Objective: Continue to migrate collections to electronic format, and conduct trials of on-demand delivery of e-content;
  • Intended Outcome: enhanced access to scholarly materials;
  • Impacted Services: Journals, monographs, databases, selection processes.

Catalog Study – Strategic Goal 1

  • Objective: Conduct an analysis of long-term on-line catalog and related system functions (in conjunction with Law Library);
  • Intended Outcome: potential replacement of existing ILS, cost reallocation;
  • Impacted Services: on-line catalog, ILS modules.

Citizens Arise – Phase II – Strategic Goal 3

  • Objective: implement the “discourse and dissent” phase;
  • Intended Outcome: continue to engage Drake community
  • Impacted Services: teaching, discourse, facility.