2009 Strategic Plan

“The purpose of Librarianship is to enhance the social utility of the graphic record” (Jesse Shera) Mission To support the educational goals of Drake University by providing services, collections, technology, and learning opportunities that make it possible for faculty and students to successfully access and use information. In fulfilling its mission, the Library works in partnership with faculty and other members of the Drake community, and seeks to contribute to the overall goals of the University. Primary emphasis is placed upon materials and services that expand upon and support the curriculum, and that support faculty teaching. Vision Cowles Library is committed to creating and maintaining a dynamic learning environment focused on service and guided by the principles of intellectual freedom. The Library is the gateway to recorded knowledge, both print and digital, for the Drake Community. The Library staff prepares students for citizenship in the 21st century, modeling the principles of information literacy: to acquire, integrate, analyze and interpret information, to use appropriate technology to assist with these processes and to understand their social and ethical implications. Organizational Attributes The work of the Library staff is guided by a set of six organizational attributes. By adopting and sustaining these attributes, the staff directs the ongoing development of Library services in a manner that will help produce effective decision-making, efficient use of resources, and excellence in the provision of services.

  • The Library is a Learning Organization with both individual and team work focused around a shared vision and a strategic agenda.
  • The Library approach to service is framed by a set of Service and Professional Values grounded in a commitment to intellectual freedom and the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.
  • The development and delivery of library services is based on the concept of Collaboration with customers, lead vendor partners, and with the broader library and scholarly community.
  • Library Faculty work towards the highest standards of Professionalism in both conduct and mastery of assignments, and play a leadership role at Drake and within Librarianship.
  • Library staff are committed to maintaining a Process of Assessment that leads to the highest levels of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of library service.
  • Library staff are committed to advancing the development of a Diverse and Multi-cultural Environment at Drake.

Strategic Goals Goal 1: Enhance the effectiveness of the library organization in order to achieve higher levels of quality service, efficiency, diversity, and the quality of work-life. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Complete the Library Facility Long-Term Master Plan; begin to develop plans for transition to the new facility.
  • Participate in, and coordinate with, the University Capital Campaign.
  • Review existing staff vacancy and selected positions to advance alignment with services and programs.
  • Form Staff Development Committee – focusing on training for staff utilization of new content management system.
  • Update and enhance the Assessment Repository, including outcomes.
  • Prepare a new Strategic Plan (reflecting the University Strategic Plan 2008-2012), focusing on the next five to ten years of library service at Drake.
  • Sustain the “Cowles Library Diversity Plan”.

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Participated in the University Self-Study – contributing leadership, expertise and other resources as necessary to the process. Worked with the Self-Study committees to insure that library service outcomes align with institutional needs.
  • Reviewed existing staff vacancy and selected positions to advance alignment with services and programs.
  • Sustain implementation of the “Cowles Library Diversity Plan”.
  • Sustained commitment to Staff Development – conducted a needs audit and refined program based on results.
  • Prepared a revised emergency and disaster preparedness plan.
  • Participated in the university master planning initiative (including planning for the long term utilization of the facility).

Goal 2: Provide an exceptional collection of print and digital information resources that support the learning objectives of the Drake Curriculum. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Revise and update: Library Conspectus, Collection Development Policy.
  • Integrate database selection, evaluation, and promotion into ongoing Library Faculty responsibilities.
  • Develop an implementation plan for the physical collections as contained in the Library Building Program Plan.
  • Enhance collection awareness and use.
  • Conduct benchmark analysis of current collections – utilizing OCLC Collection, Ulrich’s, Books for College Libraries.

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Began to assess the utilization patterns of the current installed base of electronica, leading to adjustments in holdings.
  • Expanded scope of and support for electronica holdings.
  • Evaluated the E-Reserve service and integrated processing functions into staff assignments.
  • Completed the first phase of the Serials Format Study – leading to reallocations and new acquisitions.
  • Print-to-electronic journal migration process begun.
  • JSTOR de-duplication project completed.

Goal 3: Provide electronic tools that will advance the learner’s ability to conveniently access and utilize scholarly information resources. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Redesign existing website, and implement new web management system and structure (using DRUPAL platform); develop priority-setting process for ongoing Web development.
  • Develop and implement integrated technology plan.
  • Develop liaison portal.
  • Pursue collaborations with appropriate organizations (e.g., State Library) and internal constituencies (e.g., Institute for Teaching) to advance shared technology-related goals.
  • Conduct formal review of Integrated Library System (SIRSI).

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Participated in the university content management and portal initiatives.

Goal 4: Provide services for the use of information resources; deliver instructional and training programs that increase the information literacy of students and faculty. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Continue to enhance existing Information Literacy AOI. Expand teaching activities to include all Library faculty, as well as appropriate staff.
  • Provide training and development for all involved in teaching.
  • Evaluate implications of alternative service hours, including 24/7.
  • Increase awareness and training of copyright issues for Drake faculty.

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Provided leadership for a review of the Information Proficiency AOI (including the scope and direction of the library instructional delivery program).
  • Sustained the library commitment to Information Proficiency AOI (Lib 046, web FYS).
  • Assumed responsibility for the university’s academic Copyright program – and initiated training and resource activities for faculty.

Goal 5: Provide services that advance the creation, preservation and availability of scholarship and archival resources that are unique to Drake. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Create a plan for developing and sustaining a Drake Archives program (staffing, resources, policy and procedures).
  • Promote and maintain eScholarShare.
  • Examine and pursue professional development for preservation of library/archival materials.

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Sustained the growth of the Drake Digital Repository.
  • Completed Drake digital heritage projects (Cowles family, Women Remember Drake, et al.)

Goal 6: Provide programs and activities that advance the understanding of the role of libraries, information, literacy, and scholarship in our society. Strategies/Activities (2009-2010):

  • Continue to develop exhibits, events (e.g., “Live! At the Library”) and digital projects that promote the Heritage of Drake and Des Moines, as well as the Drake Curriculum.

Strategies/Activities (Completed/Implemented):

  • Hosted an exhibit from the National Holocaust Museum “American and Nazi Book Burnings: Fighting the Fires of Hate”.
  • Developed the “Live at the Library” speaker series