2009 Initiatives

Oct 9th, 2008

The faculty and staff of Cowles Library are committed to undertaking a core set of lead initiatives during the 2009 Academic Year. These initiatives align with both the University plan and the Cowles Library Strategic Plan.


  1. Complete the Library Facility Long-Term Master Plan. Supports Goal 1
  2. Participate in, and coordinate with, the University Capital Campaign. Supports Goal 1
  3. Implement new web management system and structure (using DRUPAL platform); redesign main page and support pages. Supports Goal 3
  4. Enhance staff development program; form new coordinating committee; focus on training for utilization of DRUPAL, and Web 2.0 tools. Supports Goal 1
  5. Update and revise Collection Development Conspectus and Policy; integrate database selection, evaluation and promotion unto ongoing Library Faculty responsibilities. Supports Goal 2
  6. Enhance existing library instructional program – expand teaching role for all library faculty and select staff; develop training program to support this initiative. Supports Goal 4
  7. Create a plan for developing and sustaining a Drake Archives program (staffing, resources, policy and procedures). Supports Goal 5