2012 Program Initiatives / Service Goals

Current Working Document

Planning Meeting – 5/24/12

(Henshaw, Gilbert, Koch, Dunham-LaGree, Davis, & Fink)

Background – Impacts on FY13 planning

1.      New leadership (June 11th meeting with the Provost)

2.     Budget uncertainty ($5K increase for FY13)


7/2/12 – Cowles Foundation Meeting update

·      Current project

·      Next phases

5/29/12 – Breakout group to plan for Cowles Foundation Meeting

Other breakout meetings needed:

·      Provost Meeting

·      All Staff Engagement [summer]

·      Main floor planning [summer/fall]

·      Budget planning [ASAP]

·      Faculty/Staff Goals [summer]

·      Faculty Position Case Statement – Library Faculty develop during FY13

Organizational Effectiveness

·      Ipad deployment – begin in June; outcome – behavior change with use of technology/tool

o   Potentially use projects to help see application of ipads

·      Staff position review

o   Staff positions alignment with needs

o   Flexibility for needs

o   Methodology – program areas matrix to show tasks needs; analysis of all positions; alignment with core responsibilities; look for flexibility in program areas and across organization

§  Peer driven process

§  LOC to create objectives then left to staff to implement

§  Areas for additional consideration

·      HR Conversation

·      Law overlap

·      Blurry area between some tasks – is it for librarians or staff

·      Exercise for all to participate in to push innovation/transition

o   Need special session to develop outcomes/timeline

·      Communication – initiatives

o   New area renovation

o   Engagement of students with projects

·      New Tools – are there other tools we need to begin training with/on

Facility – Main Floor Project – Learning Commons and Classroom – #1 PRIORITY

·      Begin breakout sessions in June for the design process

·      Need community engagement


·      Sirsi SaaS – June – Andrew is working with it

·      EDS (SuperSearch) – 3rd year – so decision needed mid-year about renewal

·      Librarian group – strategic direction for collections (collections futures)

o   Need a session for discussion of factors and implications

o   East Side collection weeding

·      PDA – pilot expansion

·      Scholarly communication – awareness/dialog

o   Use of partner’s group

·      Cancellation Project

·      Partners Group

o   Include student involvement

o   Contact student body president – Amanda C Laurent amanda.laurent@drake.edu


·      Expand CCC

·      Service Prospectus/packet – archive file and share with librarians

·      Extended Hours

·      STEM initiative – limited

·      Renovation of New Space (Communication)

·      Pharmacy/Science Position – embed

·      FYS research project

o   Promote Web of Science

·      Information Literacy Program


·      Engage advancement and president about alternatives