Library Faculty Service on University Committees


*Frequent reports (twice per semester or more)

Hope Grebner Bibens
  • Intercollegiate Athletic Council
  • Center for Public Democracy – Big Ideas steering committee
Carrie Dunham-LaGree
  • *University Curriculum Committee
  • *Senate Budget Committee
  • *Faculty Senate (President) & Faculty Senate Exec
  • *President’s Council
  • Big Ideas Leadership Team
Dan Chibnall
  • *Faculty Senate & Faculty Senate Exec
  • J-Term Ad Hoc Committee
  • Associate’s Degree Working Group
Claudia Frazer
  • Stewardship Committee, Board of Trustees (Faculty representative)
  • Drake Community Press (Editorial Board)
Bruce Gilbert
  • *Senate Budget Committee
  • Board of Trustees Reflection Committee
  • Digital Proficiency (Big Ideas steering committee)
  • Campus Changemaker (Big Ideas steering committee)
Rod Henshaw
  • Vice Chair, Institutional Review Board
Marcia Keyser
  • Student Online Success Work Team (Online Programs)
  • Online Program Analysis
  • LMS Review Task Force
  • Graduate & Professional Studies Council
  • J-Term Advisory Meeting
  • Honorary Degree Committee
Teri Koch
  • *Faculty Senate
  • *Senate Budget Committee
Bart Schmidt
  • Board of Student Communication
  • Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee
Priya Shenoy
  • Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee (Alternate)
  • Women and Gender Studies Steering Committee
Mark Stumme
  • Senate Compensation Committee
Cameron Tuai
  • Drake Curriculum Analysis Committee
  • Global Education Advisory Council
Andrew Welch
  • *Senate IT Committee
  • *Academic Chairs